January 20, 2014

Hello from the new Intern!

Hello Girl Scouts! My name is Rena Kircher. I am studying Outdoor Recreation and Education at Ohio University and as part of my graduating requirement, I needed to intern at a place that related to my studies… So I chose Girl Scouts!

January 15, 2014

C.A.M.P. Staff Applications

How to stand out and be selected for the best summer job ever!

It’s that time of the year, with snow drifts building against the back stoop, crystalized ice swirling and blinding us with its wintery glitter-glory, and temperatures plunging lower than our hands into our pockets… Yes, it’s a wonderful time of the year, filled with runny noses and semi-frozen toeses… err, toes, but most importantly, it’s the time of the year where I switch into full-force SUMMER CAMP mode!


December 20, 2013

Guinea Pigs!


Guinea pigs. Who can resist their cute little pink noses, teddy bear complexions and big floppy ears? I know that with three guinea pigs myself that I certainly cannot. But did you know that there are several breeds of these little piggies and people show them competitively? Or that there are wild guinea pigs still out there? Or that one of their favorite snacks is cardboard?

December 17, 2013

Fairytale Ball a Success!

On November 16, 2013 we held our very first Fairytale Ball for Girl Scout Brownies. Over 100 girls attended and enjoyed an evening of dancing, singing, and earning most of their Senses badge! Words just can't describe it. Luckily MeLisa Longo, who attended with her granddaughter, caught this video which perfectly sums up the evening. Check it out below!

If you didn't get a chance to attend this year's Fairytale Ball, don't worry - this Girl Scout Brownie event will be back next November. Can't wait to see you there! Oh, and if you're a Girl Scout Daisy, check out our special Fairytale Ball just for girls in grades K-1. It's coming up in April and registration will fill fast - if you'd like to attend, register today!

December 8, 2013

The Team Behind the Scenes

For those of you who visit our camps, members of the program team might have familiar faces. Karen heads up Teen Camporee at other events at Camp Wakatomika, as well as our high adventure programs. Julee’s been busy this year leading popular classes like archery and challenge course up at Camp Crooked Lane and managing our day camp program. Sarah E. lives and breathes Camp Molly Lauman as resident camp director. Sarah M. and Chris practically live at Camp Ken-Jockety (well, at least it feels that way sometimes!) offering programs year-round and Chris is also offering programs now at Camp Beckoning Trails. While Paisley is often behind the scenes, she’s frequently out visiting our camps and supporting the team. And we can’t forget about Jenny, who fulfills all of our site requests, sends confirmation letters and helps with countless projects around the office (and is known to help with programs, too).

November 26, 2013

November 15, 2013

To the Women Who Paved the Paths


Two things have happened recently that have made me once again reflect on the fact that although I didn’t get to start playing sports competitively until I was in junior high, I was still luckier than many of those who came before me. My mother is an avid fan of women’s basketball but never had the opportunity to play because there weren’t any girls’ teams when she was growing up. Even when she went outside to play basketball with the boys, my grandmother would call her home because playing sports was "for boys, not girls."

November 2, 2013

Do You Take Parks For Granted?

Have you seen the video that went viral last month, showing three men destroying a rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park?


October 9, 2013

Vegetables- One Adult’s Experience with the Greens in Our Diet

My Mom tried to teach me to eat vegetables… she really did. She cooked at least one every night for dinner, and I would bypass the plate of green stuff for whatever delicious carb dish she was serving, and maybe an extra helping of meat. I never missed a dessert. Sometimes she would convince me to try at least one bit. Having already decided I hated whatever it was she had put in front of me, I would gag and cough, and make horrifying faces until choking down the small spoonful. After we went through this routine meal after meal for some time, I think she gave up; and who could blame her. I was a kid who made up their mind that they didn’t like vegetables, and nothing was going to change how I felt about it.

October 1, 2013

Why Do Leaves Change Color?


Is there truly a science behind this phenomenon that changes leaves to such beautiful strong reds, vivid yellows, and bold oranges? Yes, there most certainly is! A favorite fall activity of mine is enjoying the fall foliage at this time of year.