May 11, 2012

Exhibit sparks memories of fun Girl Scout adventures

One of the fun, interactive things happening at the Historic Girl Scout Uniform and Memorabilia Exhibit at Campbell Hall on the OSU campus is the memory box.  Visitors are asked to jot down favorite memories of their time as a Girl Scout.  The Historic Preservation Committee took an inventory of the folded, handwritten cards at the end of March.  Of the cards completed by girls we found that 17 reported camping as their favorite activity, 11 loved horseback riding, eight had memories of COSI Camp-In and five listed cookies.
Among the cards were several completed by adults.  They have many years of experiences to share. Here are a few of their memories.
 “Day Camp with my mom in elementary school.  I love seeing my daughter in Girl Scouts now.” – Donnalyn, 28 years
“Being a Brownie Leader and having girls say ‘Twist Me, Turn Me’ and then putting a Brownie beanie on them.” – Carla, 15 years
“As a child, camping.  We typically had talent shows that I enjoyed.  I have loved watching the girls grow from Daisy to Cadette and watching their friendships grow.” – Chelsea, 13 years
“Watching a Senior Girl Scout from Seal of Ohio Council present the Gold Award motion at the National Convention.” – Sarah, 35 years
“I got on a bus at my school’s parking lot with a sleeping bag rolled up with gear and rode for what seemed like hours to Camp Ken-Jockety, crying and scared the whole way.  It was my first trip away from home.  By the time established camp was over I had slept in a tent, cooked over a fire I had built, and made so many friends.  I didn’t want to go home!  What a growing experience!  I still remember ‘Scamp,’ my favorite camp counselor, and pumping water.  Becky’s Pond and the Elam Center not there, and there were several units that have since been sold.  Very vivid memories that I will never forget!” – Anonymous, almost 50 years 
“Our Cadette troop was walking in Washington, D.C. in the early ‘70s, and the presidential motorcade drove by.  We chased it to see where it went and waited outside the post office and were able to get a very close up view of President Nixon.  A couple of girls shook his hand!” – Debbie, unknown years
”So hard to pick one memory, but I loved volunteering at COSI Camp-Ins.  I think this actually led me to teaching science.  My favorite camping memory was our senior troop putting on a puppet show on Drug Abuse…we were all organs!  Great message, girls loved it.  We had all worked hard to learn our parts and work together to pull it off.” – Traci, 14 years
“My Cadette troop planned to camp at our leader’s home in their field/woods.  We built a lean-to and cooked over the fire, sang songs etc.  A thunderstorm came through but we toughed it out in the lean-tos.  When we got home, my mother was surprised that we didn’t go in out of the storm.  She said, “I thought Alice (the leader) had more sense than that!”  Rest in Peace Alice Wagner.  Because of you I became a Girl Scout Leader!” – Marise, 31 years
“Attending the 1962 Senior Girl Scout Round-Up in Burlington, Vt. And singing at all camp get together.  The army set up outdoor showers.  We camped in tents, traveled to Vermont by train and were met at the depot by Boy Scouts who helped carry our gear.  Many fond memories and many new friends.” – Barb, 50+ years
You can help the girl in your life form lasting memories of camping and having fun by signing her up for one of our resident or day camps. Many sessions still have spaces. Or let her choose another pathway to adventure and friendship by registering her for one of our other great activities.
The exhibit continues through June 1, 2012.  Plan to stop by, see the wonderful display of 45 uniforms and memorabilia, and fill out a card of your own!  Hours of the gallery are Wednesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday, noon-4 p.m.
Lynn Killinger
Historic Preservation Committee

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  1. Great article! I keep thinking of things that we did as scouts. It is so hard to pick because all of these experiences help mold me into the driven person I am today. Walking in the parade in downtown Columbus as clowns just before Santa came down the road. Was another favorite. Clowning aloud me to be someone I really wanted to be and later learned to become. Thanks for all the great memories!