October 17, 2012

Girl Scouts at the Ohio State Fair

I had the pleasure of joining together with all of the Girl Scout councils in Ohio at the Ohio State Fair this summer.  We worked hard to create an exhibit that reflected the efforts of the adults and girls who look forward to this event each year.  We celebrated 100 Years of Girl Scouting with a big straw s’more at the main entrance of the fair and with daily parades showing our Girl Scout pride.

Even before the fair begins, the Ohio State Fair committee gets together to plan and execute a complex system of collecting fair projects, setting up our booth, training the program aides, decorating our GS golf cart, judging entries,  inventorying the cookies, and so much more!  There was even a contest for designing the Ohio State Fair patch for Girl Scouts.  This year’s winner was Abby Houser.
This year in celebration of our 100th Anniversary, the Girl Scouts even had a float in the daily parade. The volunteers and girls worked hard to design a unique float.  Each day at 4:00 p.m., they would make the trip down the fairway selling cookies and making the Girl Scouts visible.

During the 12 day fair, Girl Scouts hosted a variety of projects, special events, and competitions.  Girls came from all over the state to showcase their talents in dance, cooking, sewing, photography, speech, and music.  Award ribbons were given to the top performers and each girl received a participation ribbon.  Projects are displayed in the booth for the duration of the fair so that everyone can see how creative and smart our Girl Scouts really are!  We even had a cookie box creation competition!
Housed in the Youth Building, Girl Scouts had a large booth with a cookie box arch entry. We held SWAPS day, Art day, Hands on Science day, and Forever Green day. We sold cookies each day to people from all over Ohio visiting the fair. Volunteers and girls worked very hard to share the Girl Scout message.  We had so much fun playing and creating that it really made the time fly by fast!

So if you have a project or talent that you are really proud of, remember to enter the Ohio State Fair in 2013.  Look for the fair information on our website and in the myGSOH in the early spring.  We hope to see you there next year!

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