December 12, 2012

One Small Step to a Big Impact on Bullying

Fifteen-year-old Maisie Kate Miller had heard enough. One of her schoolmates always had something belittling to say, and one day, on the stairwell of their high school, the schoolmate made fun of Maisie’s pigtailed hairstyle. Instead of bullying back, Maisie decided to take a stand. That night, Maisie posted a status update on her Facebook page rallying her friends to wear pigtails for a whole week. When Maisie checked in a few hours later, hundreds of people had responded to the movement dubbed, “Pigtails for Peace.” Since then, the student who had mocked Maisie has backed off and has even apologized for her bullying behavior.  Check out the full article in the Washington Post. How do YOU want to make an impact on bullying?

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