July 29, 2012

Best Learned Lessons at Camp

Camp Molly Lauman, my home in the woods, I would stay all year if I could…..I can recall singing that song on my way back from camp on the bus with Crystal, my childhood friend, and other girls.

July 22, 2012

My Life as a Program Aide Leader

From Guest Blogger, Maire Austin

My name is Maire Austin and I spent the last week at Camp Ken-Jockety. I worked as a Program Aide Leader (PAL 2) and I worked with the PAL 1s and the PALs-in-Training (PITs). I first went to K-J as a Daisy Girl Scout 12 years ago, so it is a little sad to spend my last week as a camper at the camp where I learned so much and built so many memories and friendships. I have worked as a PAL for 3 years and – even though you would think going canoeing or doing archery every summer would get boring after a while – the opposite happened. Working as a leader for the kids in my past PAL years brought a whole new perspective on those years when I was a Daisy who couldn’t figure out how to tie her shoes. In my years as a PAL, I have seen a lot but what sticks out to me isn’t the singing songs or building fires – it’s the girls! Whether it’s the look on a girl’s face after she hits a bull’s-eye for the first time out on the archery range after you helped her with her form, or hearing a girl constantly sing a song you taught her, you know you have made an impression on that girl that she will probably never forget. This week, I’m training rising seventh and eighth graders to be the future leaders of the camp while I’ll have to step aside. This has brought back all of the memories that had been lost in the shuffle of life. I just hope that they have the chance to feel what I feel every time I show a girl how to light a fire or how to paddle a canoe correctly. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was until now, but now I can sum it up in one word: fulfillment!

July 18, 2012

Corn Mazing with Old McDonald

A couple of weeks ago, I got to watch a corn field transform into one of the special 100th Anniversary corn mazes! McDonald’s Greenhouse & Corn Maze in Zanesville allowed several Girl Scouts to witness the action. I was on hand to snap pictures – check them out.

July 8, 2012

Girl Scouts Go GEEK!

GEEK SQUAD SUMMER ACADEMY recently came to Columbus to spend 2 fun filled days with the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland.  Employees of Best Buy come together each summer to travel the country offering a fantastic technology event.  This is the first trip they have made to Columbus and they came to see the Girl Scouts!  I cannot say enough about how much fun this event was, not just for me, but for the 63 girls who spent two full days hanging out with the Geek Squad.  If you were one of those girls, you know what I am talking about! 
The Geek Squad team arrived at DeVry University on Monday with their computers, Xbox games, and great big smiles on their faces.  The girls came in on Tuesday not sure what to expect, but once the Geek Squad Agents got through with their opening ceremony, they had smiles of their own as the Digital Divas, LOLcats, Mega Pixels , and Giga Girls headed off to their first class. And the day just kept getting better.

 The digital photography session had the girls creating a movie using robots.  They took pictures of the robots in various poses and then added music and movement to create a moving image.  They chose different backgrounds, worked as a team to create a story, and then added digital music that they composed themselves in the digital music session to finish the project!