January 4, 2013

Resolutions: Dare I Make Them?

Ah, New Year’s Eve, that magical time of year when we take time out of our busy schedules to make resolutions for the upcoming year (which we immediately forget). Every year I struggle with the question, do I make resolutions or not? In an effort to avoid the guilty feelings of not keeping my resolutions, I am taking a different approach. This year I will make a list of 13 awesome things to do in 2013 (and all the ways Girl Scouts can help).

13 Awesome Things to Do in 2013
  1. Start a new hobby.

    • How about ceramics? Join the Clay Crazy* art series, learn from professional artists, and have a blast!
  2. Learn a new skill.

    • Learn all about how is book is made, earn your Book Artist badge, and make a memory book at Become a Bookmaster.*

    • Feel like Katniss? Try the Archery Pick a Program.*
  3. Try a new kind of food.

    • Try a new restaurant or make your own new food at home and earn part of your New Cuisines badge.
  4. Make a gift for someone.

  5. Write a book/short story/poem. See if you can get it published.

    • Join The Next Famous Author*program and get your creative juices going.

    • Check out these great badges: Scribe, Screenwriter, and Novelist.
  6. Sleep under the stars.

    • Girl Scout camps, enough said.
  7. Try a new sport.

    • Try a winter sport at Ski Spree or Ice Skating Extravaganza.*

    • Try your hand at a mud-run style program at one of our camps.
  8. Learn about a new culture.

    • Learn about celebrations all over the world at Kenyon College at Word Thinking Day: Celebrate the World.*

  9. Take a trip.

    • Join us in
Chicago or London and Paris. Plan your own trip to earn the Traveler badge.
Learn to say hello and goodbye in 13 languages.

  10. Read 13 new books.

  11. Visit a museum.

  12. Do a service project.

  13. Check out the Girl Scout Journeys for Take Action Projects!

*Look for these programs in the Winter myGSOH!

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