February 22, 2013

Stargirl Wrap-Up

Welcome to our first book club discussion! First of all, what did you think? Did you like the book?
 Here are few more things to think about and discuss in the comments:

·         If you could make up a name for yourself (like Stargirl, Hullygully, or Mudpie) what would it be?
·         How did you feel when Stargirl reinvented herself into Susan?
·         Do you think Leo deserves to see Stargirl again?
·         What is one quirky thing that sets you apart from everyone else? Do you have more than one? List ‘em all!
·         Cast the movie! If Stargirl could be made into a film, who would you choose to play the main roles?

Oh, did you try the challenge? How did you feel after tracking your daily three after two weeks? Just a reminder, the challenge was from the Science of Happiness badge for Girl Scout Cadettes:
Stop and smell the roses! Pay attention to the little things that make you happy. Try taking mental photographs of the things you love throughout your day – it might be a pretty sunset, a fuzzy dog, or a food that tastes really good. Record three to five things every day.

If you liked Stargirl, you should definitely check out the sequel Love, Stargirl. Written as a long letter to Leo, it takes place a year after Stargirl moves away from Arizona. You’ll meet some interesting new characters and you get to see a glimpse into the inner workings of Stargirl’s mind. Check it out!

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