March 11, 2013

Meet Our Girl Planning Committee!

Meet the Girl Planning Committee (GPC) from Region 4 (our southern region). These girls have been planning and assisting with program in the southern region of our council for many years. We are so excited for their success and want to introduce them to you and hope that you might join them or start a girl planning committee in your region! Check out more on our next edition of the myGSOH, our council girl planning committees are featured!

Age: 17
Grade: 12th

Years in GS: 11 years
Why I like GS: It allows me to learn new things, influence my community, and have fun with other girls.
Why I like GPC: It allows me to influence the programs for Girl Scouts. I can learn leadership with younger girls and create more programs for girls my age.
About Myself: I love to read and to act. I really love anything to do with fantasy. (LOTR!) I also love to hike and travel, and I love to watch movies. I am learning Spanish and I hope to become fluent in as many languages as possible so that I can travel the world as an Interpreter.

Age: 16
Grade: 11th
I think Girl Scouts is important because you get to make friends, make goals, and have fun. I like being in GPC because it gives girls fun things to do, makes me feel good that we are helping, and it is pretty fun!
(Hola, como me llamo, Alicia.
Yo en girl scouts por seis anos. Cuantos dieciseis anos y yo es un junior. Girl Scouts es importante para tu hacer amigas. Los es excellente!)


Grade: 10
Yrs in GS:7
HI! My name is Mekena. I am in the 10th grade and have been involved in Girl Scouts for 7 years. A few things I have accomplished are; going to Washington, D.C. with my troop, selling cookies and fall product sales every year. What I feel is the most important is creating the Girl Scout planning committee for our region. The reason GPC is so important is because it allows active Girl Scouts to give input and ideas about events in their community. If they are unable to be part of the committee, we take their requests and plan events around them. We create different types of events in different areas and for different age groups. This allows for a variety of events, directly structured around girls’ requests.


Age: 15
Grade: 11th
Years in Girl Scouts: 3rd year
I think Girl Scouts is important because you get to try new things, meet new people, set goals, and have fun while doing it! I like being in the GPC because it gives us responsibility, a chance to help younger girls, and it is FUN!


Age: 18
Grade: 12
Year in Girl Scouts: 3
I love being in Girl Scouts because it gives you great opportunities. You get business skills and get to go places. I am grateful for the GPC because I get to do fun and challenging stuff, just like the younger girls!


Age: 18
Years in GS: 10
I love being in my troop because it is fun. I enjoy teaching other kids about Girl Scouts and being taught about Girl Scouts. I love being in GPC because I get to be a great person and hang out with my friends and family.


Age: 16
Grade: 10
Yrs in GS: 8
Well first off, my name is Betsy. I’ve been in Girl Scouts for a while now and believe it is a positive thing to be involved in for many reasons. Girl Scouts is always fun! You can be yourself, you don’t get judged the wrong way, and everyone in the troop is always there for you. Being on the planning committee is always fun because you get to plan events and be able to run them, and watch other have a good time just makes you feel good about yourself. Girl Scouts gives you many great opportunities and it is FUN!

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