March 15, 2013

My Summer Home

Sure, summer is a couple months away but it's already time to start thinking about summer camp at Camp Molly Lauman. Camper registrations are coming in by the fistful. We already have several sessions that have filled up! Don’t let your session fill up without you, register for camp today!

Today we have a special blog from guest blogger and camper extraordinaire, Julie, who would like to tell you why Camp Molly Lauman is the best place to spend a week, or eight, of your summer.

"I spent my entire summer at Camp Molly Lauman last summer. I went to EVERY SINGLE WEEK of camp and I absolutely loved it! There are so many different camps you can choose from and so many fun and different activities you can do at camp. There’s archery, geocaching, slingshots, swimming, cooking around the fire, slacklining, taking night hikes, sleeping under the stars, and watching outdoor movies. There are so many more things to do that I can’t even name them all!
There have been so many cool new additions to camp – for example, the camp got two new games that all the kids every week love, GaGa Ball and Nine Square. I am obsessed with these games! They are both so fun and make me exercise, which is a good thing! Another change is that we used to have to wear swim caps at the pool but not anymore! The swim caps were replaced with wrist bands and I love them so much more!

The reason I keep coming back to camp is because it is just so much fun. I am happier at camp and have more fun there then if I was staying at home. Camp feels like a second home to me and I guess because I spent so much time there last summer, it actually was my summer home! All of the counselors are amazing and really funny. I am so happy that I will get a chance to be a Counselor In Training.

Because of camp, I grew in a lot of ways. I have become more positive, more confident, more mature, and friendlier. I used to have hesitations about going to camp alone and not with a friend but that’s all changed. I actually kind of liked going alone! My suggestion to anyone who has hesitations about going to camp by yourself – do it! Your experience will be twenty times better than all of your other experiences at camp. Every week I made a least one new friend even though I went alone. It’s not as scary as it seems.
I can’t wait to come back in 2013!"

Thanks Julie, for sharing your story. And a side note from us, Julie has already signed up to be a CIT this summer and she’s going to be great at it! We hope we’ll see many of you at camp this summer too!

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