April 5, 2013

First Troop to Stay in the Yurts

In November, we ran a contest on our 
Molly Lauman Facebook page to be the first to camp at Molly Lauman’s new yurts. The winner was Noa McManus from Junior Troop 01462 in Wellston. Here’s what the group had to say about their free camping weekend:


"Wow! What a great weekend we had on November 17-18, 2012, camping in the new yurts at Camp Molly Lauman. Three yurts + six beds each + heat and electric = 16 happy Girl Scouts on a great fall camping trip (and two leaders that were still pleasant the next morning)! We ventured to Camp Molly Lauman a little skeptical as to what the yurts would actually be like. Would they be warm? Would they really have beds? Would there be electrical outlets for, as the girls see it, the necessary cell phone charger? The answer is YES! We arrived at camp and the girls were excited to check out the yurts and unit. We unloaded and explored camp, the usual just-arrived-at-camp stuff. When the darkness came, we had a campfire in the unit kitchen. The girls were able to feast on the camp staples of hot dogs and s’mores. We even made some great popcorn on the campfire. After that the girls were able to do a little more exploring in the dark close to camp. Finally, we settled in for some more snacks and a
movie. One of the great things about having electric is that we were able to throw up a white sheet and watch a movie using the laptop and projector that we had brought. Nothing like snuggling into a nice warm sleeping bag next to great friends to watch a movie on a cold fall night. Some of the girls were back up bright and early for a morning hike, around 6:00 a.m. The morning was so peaceful and quiet. And they were able to go back inside the yurts and warm up. After breakfast we were able to clean up, load up, and get back home. This is a great location – close to home, beautiful nature setting, and the comforts that we all love. But I must add, even though we were able to plug in the electronic devices, the girls were so excited and entertained by just being at camp that they didn’t even remember that they were there. We came to
realize that even though we love primitive camping, the new yurts are also awesome. They allowed us to have a different camping experience. The yurts would be a great starting camp experience for beginners and also a nice relaxing camping trip for the seasoned camper. Great job Camp Molly Lauman! Thank you for allowing us to be the first group to stay at the yurts. It was truly an experience to remember!" ~Noa McManus and friends

Do you want to have your own yurt camping weekend?
The yurts cost $10 each for Girl Scout groups, or $30 for the whole unit. The yurts have heating units, so they’re great for camping in the winter! You can reserve your stay by submitting this form.

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